• DRINK TO THE LASSES: Notes from a Woman's College Womb
    DRINK TO THE LASSES: Notes from a Woman's College Womb
    by Mary Beth Ellis
  • Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers
    Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers
    Random House Trade Paperbacks
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Proud aunt Mary Beth Ellis is a freelance writer who lives in Cincinnati, OH. Blonde Champagne has existed in at least some form since 2003, and Mary Beth has been a regular columnist with one publication or another from the age of 16.  She has also been published on MSNBC.com, Dish Pronto, JamsBio, On Her Game, and Freelance Switch.  Her first book, Drink to the Lasses, was published in 2006.

A Cincinnati native, Mary Beth obtained her undergraduate degree at Saint Mary’s College, and was the first SMC student invited to read at the University of Notre Dame’s Literary Festival. Her vast and frightening array of day jobs after completing her MFA in nonfiction writing at Bennington College have included bodyguarding Jimmy Buffett, working in education at the Kennedy Space Center, and sports reporting for the Thoroughbred racing industry.  She currently teaches college, runs wine tastings, gives literary readings, and stares into the middle distance.  Her current work-in-progress is a set of essays inspired by shadowing the Ohio State University Marching Band for the 2011 season, much of which is chronicled here at Blonde Champagne.

Her work has appeared in several anthologies: Grotto Stories, Calliope, 5 Must-Know Secrets for Every College Girl, Florida Crime Writers, and Random House’s Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers.  Other credits include the Cincinnati Enquirer, Weber: The Contemporary West, Notre Dame Magazine, and many more. She was named the Erma Bombeck Humor Writers’ Workshop Writer of the Month in November 2006 and invited as a writer-in-residence at Casa Libre in the spring of 2007.  In May of 2010, she was a Visiting Artist with the Colorado Art Ranch, and presented at the Spring 2010 Artposium.  She has won several writing contests which nobody has ever heard of.

Mary Beth's writing adventures continued in 2011 with a residency at the Institute for Sustainable Living, Art and Natural Design, a fellowship with the American Antiquarian Society, and an invitation as an Artist in Residence at Everglades National Park.

She has met a person who for some reason married her, but she'd still very much like to be friends.