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Webmistress Loves You!

I'm quite literally posting this from the field as new candidates practise the marching style. The days are long, the rental room ain't unpacked, and the air mattress hates me. This state is far preferable, however, to what the aspiring members of the 2011 D-Row are currently enduring, which is marching drills so complex that Jason The Ridiculously Awesome Drum Major has to read them off from some sort of terrifying Marching Fundamentals Checklist of Doom.

To create a full and decent essay at this particular second would require not hearing about five different tempos at once tapped out on a conglomeration of clipboards, cowbells, and drum sticks, and so to get you off my increasingly loaded back I'm throwing some Jason at you, with a straight chaser of Alex Who Talks Real Pretty.  Both perfromances are from the Alumni Band appearance this month in Bucyrus, Ohio.  You're welcome. 

You will note that Alex's video in particular looks as if it were shot by an incredibly incompetent person attempting to watch and record the performance at the same time.  No further speculation is necessary.  A couple of times I actually lose him out of the frame; rest assured, however, that this was merely to shield you from so much 54-pretty in one place at one time.  You see, I always put your needs first.

Now shaddup and let me enjoy my cowbell.


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