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The Thing That's Going On With the Comments

Regular The Readers will have noted that I've turned off the ability to comment, and that comments dating back to about the time I imported BlondeChampagne to SquareSpace have been closed (still working on correcting the affected posts to reflect this so that future The Readers aren't confused more than all of us usually are around here.)

Don't worry, I still love you. But I'm in search of another provider.  I need one with more expansive social media outreach, not to mention a cleaner, more efficinent, spam-free commenting system.  Right now I'm at the Exploring My Options And Wondering WTF a "CFG File" Is point in the process. (Please don't suggest WordPress.  WordPress makes me want to ram a rusty WeedWhacker directly into my neck.)

I greatly apprciate your understanding and patience.  I post mostly-daily on my Facebook author page.  You're also welecome to subscribe to my overly-daily public Facebook account feed.  And you can follow me on Twitter @blondechampagne.  Or just don't join Twitter and see my tweets on the right-hand toolbar. Or hit me up on the CB, whatever. 

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.  The good news is, I have taffy.

HAVING DONE ACTUAL RESEARCH UPDATE: Guess what's is the only blog platform out there which can integrate exported SquareSpace sites.  Awesome.

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