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The Grand Tour

Thanks to all who attended yesterday's reading and kept the structural damage to a minimum.  I am told that the hazmat crew will have the lawn fit for human activity by Friday.  Good job, everybody!

For those of you who couldn't make it, some AAS flava:

Behold the staircase leading to my room in the Fellow's Residence.  There was a bat up in our crib over the weekend.  He was a very polite bat; he entered through the front door, then used the back staircase to undertake a grand tour of each floor in the house.  I must say that I commend his navigational skills, as the staircases are quite narrow, turn several 90 degree corners, and include steps which often take geometrical shapes which I originally considered impossible for structural purposes.

Polygon Fail (simulated bat view)

Here is the frat house across the street from the Fellows' Residence...

Alpha something... something.

...and here is the orange barrel the inhabitants thereof like to place in very near proximity to our cars.

This my office.  The commute is a 45-second walk.

Office placement FAIL. Not enough Starbucks between my bedroom and office.

And as I am studying history at the moment, I thought I would share with you the best bumper sticker man has ever produced.

The Vetter:  Owl not included


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