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The following was just sent by a member of The Ohio State University Marching Band who wishes to remain anonymous.  I think it deserves a place here on the main page.  The bandsman isn't in any way officially speaking for the OSUMB, but this strongly expresses the prevailing sentiment of those in the Band family.

If any of you have been moved by this marvelous organization, please let the Athletic Department know.  These ten months of mine in the company of OSUMB have been life-changing in the best of ways.  As those of you who have been walking with me on the journey of this book are well aware, it's not just about music... and this is not just a marching band.

Friends, Family and Fans of TBDBITL,

The weekend's game promises to be an unforgettable one, especially for the seniors in the crowd, in the band and on the football field. Unfortunately, the athletic department has made the decision that a pregame video and the playing of canned music through the speakers is more important than the playing of our alma matter after Script Ohio. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to be in Ohio Stadium on game day knows there are few moments more special than when 105,000 people sing and sway to the melody of Carmen Ohio. For our seniors, the last chance they had to have that experience as members of TBDBITL has been stripped from them at the request of the athletic department. This is only one of many times this season when marching band has been forced into eliminating part of our show at the order of Athletics, sending hours of hard work on arrangements, drill design, and rehearsal down the drain.

In addition, the band has been bullied into not playing during the game. Last week, when this request was made, we sat in the stands and watched as the Indiana band continued to play songs and cheers to excite their fans. While we stood in the stands and cheered and sang our songs loudly instead of playing them, the stadium was still eerily empty of one of the most important additions to the game day atmosphere: the music of the band. There is no substitute for the sound of "Fight the Team" after a big play or the pounding of a bass drum to signal the start of the "Lets Go Bucks" cheer. A band that has been such an essential part of game day for longer than most fans have been alive should not be shoved to the side and expected to stay silent.

In a year that has been shrouded in scandal and negative commentary from those outside the Buckeye family, TBDBITL has done nothing but support the team. We show up every evening and practice for Saturday. We show up every game day morning and stop cheering only after Carmen Ohio at the end of the game. And after a day of rest we get up and do it again--because we love our team and we love our University. This is not just about the removal of a song, or being asked not to play. This is about being told time and time again throughout this season that what we do is not important enough to deserve respect. We are The Best Damn Band in the Land and we called such not only because of what we are able to do, but because of who appreciates it. Without our fans, we are nothing. Please, on behalf of the band and those who love it, email the athletic department and tell them that there is no place for disrespect to the band at a University as fine as Ohio State.

Thanks guys. And Go Bucks!

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