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    DRINK TO THE LASSES: Notes from a Woman's College Womb
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Rejoice, O Highly Favored The Readers

Alex Who Talks Real Pretty has permitted himself to be moved, and you have somehow merited the following missive from His Talks Real Prettiness.

But before the hazelnut gateau rasberry torte of Alex, you must first suffer an entree of my learning disability-level struggles with pre-strutting.  Many of you have been asking after my severe wall-kicking problems, and Jason The Ridiculously Awesome Drum Major diagnosed them thusly last night via Facebook chat, when I asked "I'm doing it wrong, aren't I?": 

"Very wrong." 


So let's have ourseHusbands, love your wives, and twirl your baton at your wedding reception (Ephesians 5:25)lves a bit of an Alexpalooza, complete with visual aids from his wedding reception, courtesy of Claudia The Campus Sister, low lighting, an even lower ceiling, her cell phone, and perhaps a Shirley Temple or two from the open bar and the Drum Major table positioned conveninetly next to it:


The strut lesson is coming.  This is a great time in the DM world.  Summer sessions are going strong and over the next two weeks we will transition from the ramp and sloopy* being something the kids watch to something the kids themselves are expected to perform with the band.  Kids in this case referring to everyone below Kyle in rank.  This is also the time of year where I start to put Jason and Kyle under the microscope.  Since the 7th grade Jason has been one of my favorite students to work with and so in a way this summer is a last hurrah for me as an advisor/coach.  Next year he and I settle into our permanent relationship of fellow alumni and good friends.  

For my part I have been quiet lately for a few reasons.  This is a wedding heavy summer (not just because of my own) and I have quite a few to go to.  Also the new wife and I are trying to purchase a house and out of the blue I was offered a new job.  I accepted and am really excited about the new career path I am about to begin. 

Your first glimpse of the new Mrs. 54-- the lovely Emily, she of the flugelhorn.Enough of boring me though back to some more DM stuff! The other night Jason performed Sloopy twice with the OSUMB vets for all of those attending summer sessions who have never been in the band.  He rocked it of course; there were many jumps in which the baton did various things which it never seemed to want to do for me as DM, as well as a backflip, a cartwheel high toss, some flat bounces** with his right and left hand (very difficult/risky), and maybe even a shoulder cha-cha-cha thrown in for a sense of style.  Bottom line, 57*** has skill, style, and class and showed everyone at summer sessions a sneak peak of the great things to come.  At the end of the night he gave a speech and it was fun to look at all the band hopefuls who seem to view him as this completely unnapproachable person.****  

The Drum Major is a unique place for adjectives to converge... popular, larger than life, exciting, confident... and at the same time... pressured, lonely, and resigned to their fate.*****  Never a position to disparage its lot in life or whinge about its sacrifices, in the end, its a college kid who wonders if this will be the biggest moment in their life.  The question I ask myself to this day is, how do you handle that?  How do you handle a vice president walking into a job interview singing the song we march script ohio to?  Jason already knows the answer.

A combination of skill, style, and class.



*"Hang on Sloopy," the official rock song of the state of Ohio and an OSUMB trademark.

**Yeah, I... don't know what this is.

***Our Jason is the 57th Drum Major.

****And he is to be feared.

*****Alex talks real pretty!

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