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Lighten Up! It's Francis!

Well, there's good days, and bad days, and New Pope Days.  This was just another one of those New Pope Days. 

My favorite aspect of this is that despite the tweets, the status updates, and the Pope Alarm (mine was indeed what alerted me to the white smoke; Julie The NephewsMama's went off too, but she was out actually contributing to society and missed it. Pope Alarm only works IF YOU SUBMIT TO ITS AUTHORITY), the TV images broadcast from the Vatican showed people running into St. Peter's Square, possibly for the sole purpose of checking in from there at such a time, but still-- they wanted to be there In Person, just as people did when the bells and the chimney smoke really were the only vehicles of news-gathering. They cheered when the lights went on.  They cheered when the curtains parted.  They cheered when the name was announced and nobody knew WTF it was, exactly, and they cheered when the new pontiff appeared, stonefaced, then broke into a smile as he greeted them. 

Now:  For Peter the Roman's sake, can everybody FINALLY STFU about St. Malachy.  The "prophecies" are fakes.  He didn't even write them.  And even if he did, Catholics are not beholden to believe every blasted thing a saint ever wrote or said or didn't write or say.  Canonization means that we're pretty sure you're in heaven and with God's cell number, not infallible, and while we're at it even Popes aren't infallible unless under very specific circumstances.

New guy seems nice enough. Basic dresser. I'm rather a fan of the bowing. But I still miss my German Shepard, however, and like to imagine B16 sitting on the couch in boxers and a wifebeater, yelling "A JESUIT?!" while hurling empty beer bottles at the TV. ("YOU GUYS HAD ONE JOB!")

Now that B16's retirement party sheet cake is fully consumed, it is time for Frank's new employee orientation.  I imagine the paperwork and ID card processing is going to suck.

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