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God Loves My Book More Than Anybody Else's Book, Including That Heathen Mitch Albom

To business.  The business is, as you might expect, St. Francis de Sales.

You remember St. Francis.  Those of you who have been with me on this project since its earliest days, when I was but a girl-child with a dream and a Wikipedia article about valve tuning compensation, will recall this post, written just before my first trip to Columbus.

St. Francis is the patron saint of writers, and, given the fact that the valves and I are still dragging ourselves to the Drum Major tryouts finish line with a relatively low body count, I'd say he's been kicking all OSUMB-related requests properly upstairs.  He's cool like that.  I'd be all, "What up, FdS?" and he'd be like, "Yo, I'm tight, boo," and I'd go, "Can you please put in a good word for me on my TBDBITL book?" and he'd bust it like, "A'ight."

So when I progressed from visiting Columbus to living there so as to be nearer the valves, I needed a church.  The church I liked was St. Joseph Cathedral downtown, and I liked it even more the first time I made for the door and found myself staring directly at this:

Am I right?

That is correct:  The same saint I've been partying with all this time over a book researched, set, and mostly written in Columbus, Ohio is... the patron saint of Columbus, Ohio.  And the theme of this book, which was once "There's No Such Thing As a Coincidence" (and, alternately, "These Coolers Are Very Important"), is now officially:  "Okay, There's No Such Thing as A Coincidence, Yeah, But This *#&% Just Got Scary."

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