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Francis Rides the Bus

Apparently Francis I, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, ducked out of the pontiff's usual hoopty, a security-enclosed mini-Popemobile.  Instead he hopped the bus shuttling the cardinals from St. Peter's Square back to their spare lodgings in Rome, all, "Wait, I left my phone charger in my room."

I really cannot imagine this bus ride.  I am shattered there are no pictures, unless one of the Cardinals starts posting some selfies on his Twitter account (#PrincesOfTheChurchPartyBus.) Who sat next to the Pope?  Was there assigned seating?  Did they sing "Three Cheers for the Bus Driver", did he sit next to his best friend, and did that Cardinal have to sit next to the window with his hand on the seat next to him as the rest of the college filed past, all "Saved... saved... this is saved... no, this is saved... saving this for Francis." 

My faith is a rich faith, complex and mysterious.

MEET THE NEW GUY UPDATE: Watching EWTN coverage from the Sistine Chapel of Papa Frank conducting his first Mass.  He was in the papal robes and everything.  It looks weird. Not as weird as seeing B16 in the first days of his pontificate, which is to be expected when it seemed that only one guy had ever been pope forever and ever, but still weird.  Kind of like when Paul O'Neill was traded to the Yankees.

#PRINCESOFTHECHURCHPARTYBUS UPDATE:  I've long said that I wouldn't trade one The Reader for all eleventy billion Twilight buyers, and Angie The Reader cements that sense of worthiness by uncovering this very cell phone capture.  As you can see, the seat-saving situation unfolded precisely as I predicted, with the Pope on the aisle and his homey at the Window of the Beta:

The only question now, of course, is who is Francis' seatmate, and is the Cardinal across the aisle a second-best friend, or just acting all hot because he gets to sit in the same row as the Pope?  These deep theological questions can cut both ways.

Blonde Champagne is now working with our sources deep within the Vatican for further illumination concerning the deeply troubling "Three Cheers for the Bus Driver" issue.

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