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Extreme For Us Is a Day Without Margarine 

Welome to a windy, rainy post: "Then I ran alway to join the space program, or, more specifically, put my English degree to use by standing at the Kennedy Space Center, pointing at a model of the space shuttle, and informing visitors that “this is the part that makes it go.”


Keep Track of Your Bacon

New post: There are some days which simply need to end, a demarcation line on which we can stand on the other side of and say, “Well, that’s over.”  See you at the link. 


A Few Hours to Sleep Each Night

New post on Redleg Nation:  "The wounds are being tended; the night games require a sweatshirt."


Concerning Bacon

Today I was eating the bacon I'd made for breakfast and was sad that I was working on the last piece. How I would miss you, dear bacon.

And then! I turned to put the plate in the dishwasher and there was yet another piece of bacon I'd forgotten about in the very act of contemplating my current piece of bacon. It was the happiest morning I'd had in some time.

Just as I felt a pang for a mountainous Colorado sky today and looked up to yet enjoy the green leaves on the Ohio trees, may you lose track of your bacon only to find another magically appearing piece. My wish for you is the joy that only pork and deciduous trees can bring.


Who We Are