• DRINK TO THE LASSES: Notes from a Woman's College Womb
    DRINK TO THE LASSES: Notes from a Woman's College Womb
    by Mary Beth Ellis
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At the Banquet Table

Since the National Honor Society event last week was closed, here's your very own video of the performance. I do hope you can make out what I am saying, for the sound system had two settings: BLLLLLAAAAARRRRE! and "...Wha'd she say?"

Anyway, you will notice I am wearing the same dress I did for my wedding rehearsal dinner, which makes two re-wearings of a bridesmaid's dress, which is two re-wearings above the national average. Basically, I enjoy busting it out because it's from Julie The Nephew Mama's wedding eight years ago, and I cherish the fact that I can still somehow zip it with minimum wriggling. I might not wear it again, though, because when I saw the first few seconds of my appearance video, I felt very sad that my butt looks so big in it, until Josh pointed out that it might be because at the time my butt was, in fact, about an inch and a half from the lens, and nobody looks good flailing her way to a podium when her name is called just as she hits an ice cube in her water glass.


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On Being a Blogger Media Person

Yesterday's appearance on "Extraordinary Life" has been archived. I come in at the twelve-minute mark. Thanks to all who tuned in.

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Welcome MSNBC.com Readers



"I'll see you Sunday?"

This is how Jim The Small Child Nephew shatters my heart in four million pieces, by innocently letting me know that it's OK with him if I'm around, by accidentally reminding me that it is currently God's decision that I should not accompany my godchild to Mass. He'd already demolished his uncle the day before, by gazing up at him with the following: "I like playing trains with you, Uncle Josh."

So I held him to me and his little legs swung off the floor. "Aunt Beth has to go back to Virginia," I said. Will The Baby Nephew, perhaps sensing that Aunt Beth was not thrilled about the idea, squinched his eyes shut and huddled down in his high chair.

"Hiding," he said.

When we entered the room where he and his older brother were playing, Will slid off the bed, smiling in my direction and greeting us with something incomprehensible. "What?... What?" his mother said, and he repeated himself with greater force until we understood it as "Beth here."

"Here," he said firmly, and I leaned my sad grown-up head against his little warm one. Then again, he also repeated "Soccer ball! Soccer ball!" twenty times in a minute and a half, and also, with equal assurance, announced that "Compass is a pigeon."

This was the first time Will and I have been in true conversation. He's a whisperer. "Flowers," he said softly when I pointed to a picture of a kangaroo standing in a garden. When I pick him up, he clings like a koala, even to my hair. He's a sidler where his brother stomps. He will barely tolerate one of Jim's favorite Aunt Activities--perching on my shoulders--but he clamped onto my legs, wailing, when he saw his brother get a turn as soon as I took to tossing both of them around the room. This one... not like the other one. Which is just as he should be.

Jim proposed carrying my camera around, but settled for holding onto the strap. Uncle Josh and I then made the hideous childcare error, but classic extended family "HA!" move, of pointing out the shutter button...on a camera which is exactly like his parents'.

I am now pleased to exhibit my godchild's photographic art, the great bulk of which features said camera strap. Although he chiefly focuses on still life, here's a sampling:


Stink, The Enormous $13 Horse Aunt Beth Bought For Me In a Truck Stop, On Table






Reflections On Closet Door



Aunt Beth and Uncle Josh






Two Pages of Curious George





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On Being Extraordinary 

Not me, the show I've been invited to as a guest. Join me at 8:30 PM Eastern on Monday when I'll join Giovanna Burgess on Extraordinary Life.