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The Pile

I mentioned that one of my goals for this residency is to have a stern talk with those little scraps of paper upon which I've been writing stray thoughts in the attempt to form some sort of essay/book proposal/manuscript/trail for the forensics team.  Well.  Seems the little pile goes back a bit.

I found:

  • One of my business cards, when my business cards were not issued from a company advertised on a pop-under Internet ad
  • Josh The Pilot's cell phone number.  Seems I called him back.
  • A note written on a claim strip for a roll of film.  From a film-using camera.  That I'd dropped off to be developed.
  • A notation to Google a person named "Sara Palen (sp?)-- from AK?"

Yeah-- just a... bit.

There's a certain lovely and clinically depressing symmetry to it all, though.  There's an Aladdin notebook I got in 1993 which contains minute-by-minute notes from the day Jim The Nephew was born... six years ago.  But not to worry-- the strip of paper on which I recorded Thoughts About The New iPad was torn from a napkin featuring the name of the hotel I stayed in while interviewing for my first post-collegiate job.  So I'm on top of it.

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