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Saturday Adrenaline 

Faithful The Readers are well aware of my vast mental storehouse of car knowledge, both assumed and applied, so I sat right up when I received word that there was a new Bugatti Veyron (something something something car something something) and that it was faster than an American Shelby (something) Mustang (?) (something something.)  (And it is only because of Top Gear that I know this much.)


Basically I'm watching this because it involves James May, who can wear the living crap out of a pressure suit.  Also, it is no secret that I want to be Australian when I grow up.  James May is a reasonable facsimile--he's British--and in true British fashion wraps up the experience of having driven a car faster than any human being by remarking, "That was exciting."

And now, for those of us who dip our lilly pinkies into the  adrenaline stream from the on the couch in our mothers' basements, there's this:


It's the original first scenes of Return of the Jedi, which, if I remember correctly, didn't even make it to the novelization stage, as did footage of the Rebels struggling to the Millennium Falcon from Jabba's sailbarge in a sandstorm. This was unveiled at this month's Star Wars celebration, and as proven by the flashes of people taking pictures of the screen from hundreds of yards away, akin to finding out that one has a long-lost child who is a kazillionaire and has been searching for you all his rock star/astronaut/inventor/philanthropist/nuclear scientist/Super Bowl winning life.

When I watched it, Josh The Pilot was standing behind me with his arms around my ribcage (this is the type of thing which must be experienced together, as married couple, so as to better tell the great-grandchildren.)  Halfway through, Josh began, as all good husbands do, to laugh at me.

"Your heart is just pounding," he said.

Well duh.  It's the first time I've ever seen new footage from Return of the Jedi that didn't involve utter sacrilege.

old white guy Force ghost shot first at:  mbe@drinktothelasses.com

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Reader Comments (3)

Beth--for the technical cognoscenti, this wasn't as hard a challenge as they made it out to be. The original design of the Veyron could do 263 (and had 1150 bhp). They had to dial it back as they couldn't ensure aerodynamic stability over 255. They obviously fixed that! The other tweaks (improvement in 0-100 time to 4.5s, for example) are true improvements--and a testament to German engineering. And ANYONE can put up a great Top Gear lap time while listening to the Bee Gee's. That lap time is more impressive to me than the top speed as the original Veryron "only" did 1.19 on its lap (but I think The Stig was drunk...)

I would argue with you, but I only understood the following words:
"Bee Gees"

August 29, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMB

Well, kudos for Mr. May; but even though I might incur in the wrath of other Top Gear fans such as myself, I must admit this kind of pisses me off.

Here I am in the Brave New Year of 2010, waiting for my Mr. Fusion-powered flying car that would make 400 kilometers with a single sip of beer, and yet European & American automakers are still struggling to see who's got the biggest pistons. I'm sorry, but that will just not do.

In fact, I think one of the best Top Gear moments was when they did the challenge of trying to see what car could get the most mileage with a single tank.

August 31, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterred pill junkie
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