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The Governor's True

I need to tell all of you about my drive into the town housing the Colorado Art Ranch, but this involves the downloading of photographs, and crying.  Also pulling over to the side of the road for such necessities as apologizing to a run-over prairie dog and listening to wind.  But the annual Kentucky Derby liveblog is pending, and I must rest.  I fully expect NBC to nibble away at my soul one Suit of Awning at a time, and this requires a full night's sleep.

One of my goals for this residency is to each day experience one aspect of life which is only possible in rural Colorado, and in general liveblog the residency as much as possible.  As I've now been here a week, we've all seen how well that's going.  I was spending the bulk of my time--here's the part in which I announce that I am  a residency bigamist--applying for more residencies.  Also, daily posts of this type in the midst of so much emotional upchuck will require, you know, work, and additional vodka.

I need to catch up, and I need to do it in entertaining, reTweet worthy fashion.  This means, of course, that you won't likely see another post on this ever again.

But as it happens, my other writing task for the day (a 1000 word piece, due tomorrow, in a Word file which has not even been reached "Untitled Document" status-- behold Professor Ellis, Jedi Master of time management) this is is even more difficult and non-alcoholic based, so here we are on...


It was the buzz of the whole entire Safeway.  The employee who handed the governor his Tylenol in a biodegradable bag was darting from stand to stand, informing fellow checkers and random customers of his adventure.

"He bought Tylenol!" he said.  Given what tends to go on in Colorado, I cannot say that I blame him.  I'd have a headache, too.

Apparently, Governor Ritter was in town to sign a bill.  The political scientist in me immediately began thinking excitedly  beyond the Great Salt Lake In a Box there in my cart.  Nobody seemed to have been previously notified that the Governor was scheduled to swoop through Salida.  What might he be doing so suddenly, so covertly?  Immigration bill, to (quite literally) get Arizona's back? Mandate requiring cadet training in gaffi sticks at the Air Force Academy?

Mais non, even more awesome.  Apparently a five-hour round trip from Denver was necessary to tell geothermal energy to have a nice day. The more you know... the more disappointed, generally, you become.

See, NBC won't tell you that.  Obsessive-compulsive blondes, however, will.

easily startled, but will soon be back, and in greater numbers  at:  mbe@drinktothelasses.com

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