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So... hi, then!

Welcome to the new Blonde Champagne cave.  Put down the candelabra, try to figure out what that dripping noise is, stick around a while. 

The bottling operation has moved from WordPress from for a variety of technical reasons, the primary one being that WordPress sucked.  It wouldn't let me change the font size.  It wouldn't let me place ads.  Its small-glasses-wearing creators were forever telling me about this awesome! new!  template!  which included olive hues paired with orange and sometimes photographs of trees, but never the ability to change the font size or place ads.  And I'm dimly aware that yeah, WordPress does allow people to remove the tree picture and stick a flashing reminder to purchase belly fat reduction secrets across the header, but this required some sort of technical knowledge, and also a clump of unicorn mane buried under a half-full moon.  I like it here. 

So, update those bookmarks-- we're still operating from, but it might show up in your browser as or some such.  I just don't want you to think I ran off without putting the coffee cake under Ziplock, or something. goes next at:

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