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Hurrah For the Fun! Is the Pudding Done?

Today was immersed in cookie dough and soapsuds covering my mother's good china.  I also moved a glass vase stuffed with Champagne flutes from one side of the kitchen to the other.  Background music:  Janet Jackson, "Nasty Boys."  Put on your aprons, ladies!

When you're non-domestic 364 days out of the year, the day before Thanksgiving is a good one to cram it all in.  You can at least pretend.  I very carefully lined up the instant potatoes, boxed stuffing, and canned cranberry sauce on the counter, then checked the cooking time for the pre-bagged, pre-gravied turkey before hurling it back in the freezer.  The salt on the table, however, was prepared from scratch, poured by my own self from the container to the shaker.  I mean, do it right, people.

If you have a moment between bastings, please do head over to Catholic Online, where a piece which got its start on Blonde Champagne is currently running.  And so the Catholic Church begins its slide right out of Western Civilization.

over the river, indeed at:  mbe@drinktothelasses.com

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