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    DRINK TO THE LASSES: Notes from a Woman's College Womb
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Game Day Therapy

My good readers at Redleg Nation have encouraged me to post more often, saying they'd pass the hat to make this happen. To this end, I created Game Day Therapy

Game Day Therapy explores life from the launchpad of sports. Although anchored by the daily activities of the Reds, Game Day Therapy is treatment for anyone just trying to get home despite what life throws at them-- in the baseball stadium or not. Because I hate myself, it will be updated every day the Reds play, unless I'm scheduled to post for Redleg Nation that day. And, in the off-season, it will be updated three times a week.

Many posts are free; Game Day Therapy is also a Patreon site. Just scroll through to find them. For those of you who don't like the Reds, or baseball, or any form of sportball, that's okay. As I mentioned earlier, I'll contine to write for Blonde Champagne, as well as my Baseball is Life column and Game Day threads on Redleg Nation. But as I mentioned earlier, Game Day Therapy is just a launchpad, not necessarily a game recap or deep dive--any dive, really--into stats. 

I hope to see you there.


Pending Cellar Move

I'm working on a new, better, cooler, bubblier home for Blonde Champagne.  Hopefully it will be ready in early August. In the meantime, please visit me at Redleg Nation



Light It Up

Big thanks to Lance McAlister for discussing my column on 700 WLW's "Inside Pitch." Never thought as a little girl listening to the ballgame on her pink plastic alarm clock radio that my words would go booming across the land from the Nation Station. My reaction, as a writing professional, was to run around the house, squeeing.


A Bonnet and the Battle of Newport Beach

It's a great baseball season when you can air last night's dream for an entire paragraph and it's the most compelling part of the post. 


Screech Up

Today's Indispensible Sports Observation at your favorite professional writer's column: "Eagles eat sloths."